Confidential Strategic Advisor

Corporate strategy and execution

What lights me up? I get a charge out of helping clients:

  • Identify strategic destinations
  • Brainstorm alternatives and chart the course
  • Develop an adaptable sail-plan for a positive journey
  • Frame up metrics for meaningful results

I can help illuminate your future.

I love what I do, and I want to help:

Strategy and marketing advisor
• Validate your strategy with customer interviews,
competitive intelligence and organizational alignment
• Develop a compelling value proposition
• Debug messaging and key presentations
• Make your presentations and events memorable on social media
I’ll be a guerilla on your marketing team.

Facilitator of customer executive symposia
• Engage participation as keynote speaker or master of ceremonies
• Link organizational values to business strategy objectives to technical tactics
• Create a prioritized list of action steps
• Create community engagement for a new strategy
I can do wonders with or without an interactive audience response system.

Corporate director
• Situation analysis and strategic direction
• Consensus building on difficult decisions
• Soft leadership focused on key priorities
I’ll be a positive influence in the boardroom.

Most of what I do for clients is done under nondisclosure agreements. I’m serious about confidentiality, which is why I share my expertise privately. I’m happy to talk to you offline about past engagements and connect you with references.

To talk about how I can help you, please contact me at nina @


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